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 Brewing Tea In General

 There are a lot of kind brewing style in the world and no one can say one is true but others are false.
The important point is the tea to leave its extract into water in any brewing style.
To brew a good tea, you need a good master. A good master can produce a good brew from a low quality tea.
It is accepted to brew tea in 3-5 minutes in general, but this is not a strict rule and the time vary in different type of teas.
It is accepted a porcelain teapot to be best for brewing tea, but other kind of teapots can be used


Brewing Tea In Turkish Style

   Although there are some different tea brewing styles in Turkey, this one is almost common among Turkish people:
First put the water into a kettle, put enough tea into a teapot and put the teapot on the kettle.
When the water boils in the kettle, pour some on tea into the teapot. Wait 15 minutes. The tea in the teapot mustn't be boiled but the water in the kettle must be hot. Then pour brewed tea into teacup (or tea glass), half of the cups must be brewed tea and other half the hot water.
Brewing time is longer in Turkey, but they add water to brew and they generally use sugar.


 The recipe on Caykur's tea packages:

"1- We recommend porcelain teapot and it shouldn't have lime in the best brewing.
2- Measure one tea-spoonful tea for each cup and one for teapot (put more tea for better brew).
3- Pour boiled water into the teapot from the kettle.
4- Reduce the fire under the kettle. The brew in the teapot mustn't be boiled but the water must be hot in the kettle.
5- Brewing time must be 10-15 minutes."